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Spot Token

Spot Token was developed specifically as a security token allowing token holders to participate in Spotcoin’s dividends distributions and enjoy the upside potential of a true dividend token.

Concierge OTC

Spotcoin has partnered with the banking institution of Chairmans Financial B.V. and the digital storage company of Versa Vault to offer proprietary trading services.

Spotcoin offers every trading client a dedicated personal bank account at Chairmans financial B.V. that is fully approved for digital trading.

Versa Vault maintains military–grade secure digital wallets. Versa Vault’s proprietary system allows clients to confirm trades without losing access to the digital wallet. This ensures trading clients against fraudulent activity.

Spotcoin also offers high volume liquidity service for those who need to move quickly on a one-side trade.

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Spot Pay

Spot Pay was created to allow merchants to accept crypto currency and redeem coin without worrying about token price fluctuation.

How it works for Merchants:

Step 1: You are selling a service or product in your online store with a price in a currency of your choice

Step 2: The customer selects the Spot Pay solution in your cashier

Step 3: The customer enters his credit card details and clicks Pay

Step 4: The customer`s credit card is charged and Spot Pay assigns the Spot Token to the customer

Step 5: The Spot Token is transferred to your merchant account; the merchant will be shielded from price fluctuations within the token

Step 6: Spotcoin will make a settlement payment to your bank account in fiat

How it works for Customers:

Step 1: You are buying a service or product from an online store

Step 2: You choose payment with the Spot Pay option

Step 3: You enter your credit card details and click pay

Step 4: You will be assigned the equivalent amount for your purchase in Spot Tokens

Step 5: Your Spot Tokens will be transferred to the merchant`s account

Step 6: You enjoy the service or product you just purchased

Everything happens lighting fast so that you can enjoy your shopping experience and do so without the typical risks associated with crypto currencies.

Digital Exchange

Seamless, Secure, Simple, — our digital exchange minimizes risk with our automated and innovative Spotcoin solution.

Spotcoin Crypto Currency Exchange offers transparency in a fully automated system that allows you to execute trades at any time. Additionally, you can always rely on our highly responsive customer relationship team whenever you need help.

Why Choose Spotcoin digital exchange?


Spotcoin is an easy to use and intuitive platform. We offer a world class customer experience and customer support, if you have any questions just get in touch with us.


Most popular methods include bank transfer with SWIFT, SEPA, cryptocurrency, Visa, Mastercard and Neteller.


Data encryption, Protection against DDoS attacks, Compliant with international standards.


Registration and licensing in Estonia, and strong banking relationships.


Downloadable reports, real time balances, transactional history with transparent fees.


Fast order execution, access to high liquidity order book for top currency pairs.


All fiat deposits are held for your benefit at insured banks. All digital assets are custodied in trust on your behalf.

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Spot Token
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