Spot Pay

Spot Pay

Spotcoin crypto to fiat currency platform was developed to serve the Online Merchants Industry. Our merchant solution was created within a mission to eliminate most frequently met issues in e-payments including transaction speed, high commission fee, insufficient support, multi-currency, cross-border transaction infrastructure, simple technical integration automating all payment processes.

Providing personalized solutions, Spotcoin enables online merchants to increase their online payment volumes by utiziling our unique SPOT token. Merchants using Spot Pay will be able to offer their clients a secure, flexible, leading edge payment solution and add monthly sales volume from the rapidly developing digital currency consumer marketplace.

How it works for Merchants:

Step 1: You are selling a service or product in your online store with a price in a currency of your choice

Step 2: The customer selects the Spot Pay solution in your cashier

Step 3: The customer enters his credit card details and clicks Pay

Step 4: The customer`s credit card is charged and Spot Pay assigns the Spot Token to the customer

Step 5: The Spot Token is transferred to your merchant account; the merchant will be shielded from price fluctuations within the token

Step 6: Spotcoin will make a settlement payment to your bank account in fiat

How it works for Customers:

Step 1: You are buying a service or product from an online store

Step 2: You choose payment with the Spot Pay option

Step 3: You enter your credit card details and click pay

Step 4: You will be assigned the equivalent amount for your purchase in Spot Tokens

Step 5: Your Spot Tokens will be transferred to the merchant`s account

Step 6: You enjoy the service or product you just purchased

Everything happens lighting fast so that you can enjoy your shopping experience and do so without the typical risks associated with crypto currencies.

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