Aremu Adebisi

Aremu Adebisi
Aremu Adams Adebisi graduated from college with a B.Sc in Economics. He’s pursuing his MBA while covering trending topics in trading, investment, and cryptocurrency. He’s fascinated by the surges of fintech in an era of decentralized finance (DeFi). Aremu has written for several agencies and companies, including AutoInsurance, TabTrader, Meetkai, and Hyperproof. He profiles startups on Medium and serves as a contributor to Hashnode and Hackernoon. As a recipient of the Langston Hughes Fellowship, Aremu divides his time between the humanities and social sciences.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies To Buy Right Now

Despite receiving a lot of backlash and criticism from governments, institutions, and individuals, the cryptocurrency industry has managed to thrive over the years. This success has not been a linear one.  There have been several major and minor market fluctuations, but people have made or lost a fortune from investing in cryptocurrency regardless of the … Continued

XRP (Ripple) Breaks Long-Term Trend, Signalling Strong Bullish Move

The cryptocurrency industry is currently in terrible shape. The value of cryptocurrencies is cascading, and there are no indications of a bullish reversal soon. Bitcoin’s price currently sits at $19,011.05, an over 71% drop from its all-time high of $67,566.83, according to CoinMarketCap. Historically, a slight change in Bitcoin’s price has always caused a significant … Continued

Dogecoin Now Second-Largest Proof-Of-Work Coin After Ethereum Merge

The 15th of September, 2022, wasn’t just another day at the office for engineers and developers of the Ethereum blockchain. The Merge, a much-anticipated innovation, was successfully finalized, evidencing a swap from Ethereum’s pioneer consensus mechanism proof-of-work to an energy-efficient model proof-of-stake.  Although the process appeared to be seamless, it was not an easy feat … Continued

Cardano Hard Fork’s, Vasil, is Closer Than You Think

Cardano, a peer-reviewed proof-of-stake blockchain with its token known as ADA, had undergone phases of bug fixing and controversy around its proposed update. Being the 8th in the cryptocurrency market capitalization, these flaws have inhibited transaction processes and the realization of a new fork. However, the parent company of ADA, Input Output Hong Kong (IOG), … Continued

What to Know About Ethereum 2.0 (The Merge)

Social media buzzes with the coming of the new Ethereum merge, also known as ‘The Merge.’ Users, especially crypto miners, have been faced with mixed reactions, and the ETH coin itself has responded to a new trust, hitting over $2,000 since its last record in May. Headlines have also been indicative: Ethereum 2.0 will be … Continued

8 Best Undervalued Crypto to Invest in Right Now

Right now, the market is going through very volatile times, and we are seeing a lot of coins falling in price. But if you look at the market as a whole, there’s still a lot of growth happening. Many investors believe some undervalued crypto projects will reach unprecedented heights, but which among them? Cryptocurrency investments … Continued

Why Tesla Sold 75% of Bitcoin Holdings in Q2

Tesla announced its Q2 2022 earnings on Wednesday, but we learned more than just the company’s financials. The electric carmaker revealed some information about its crypto holdings, including a startling revelation: Tesla had sold off most of its Bitcoin holdings in Q2. In Tesla’s latest earnings report, the company sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings. … Continued

Adieu Diem: Meta Bids Farewell to Its Last Crypto Project

On Friday, July 1, 2022, Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s social metaverse company, announced that it would shut down Novi, its last crypto project. Come September 1, and eleven months after its launch, the project will offer its last prayers. This announcement on Novi’s website douses Mark’s crypto ambitions incorporated in the Diem project. The Diem project, … Continued

3 Lessons Learned From the Crypto Sell-off

There is no question about it: the last couple of weeks have been rough for crypto investors. The leading coin, which is Bitcoin, struggles with $20,000. Ethereum, which follows up, battles $1000. The cryptocurrency market itself has dropped by 65% since Autumn. A steep sell-off in the cryptocurrency market caused a low not seen since … Continued