Why does crypto hold value, and what makes it investible?

As institutional investors buy the dip and regulators at last start to take interest, what exactly separates crypto from fiat? From Bitcoin’s invention by pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, to the coming mass adoption of 2023, cryptocurrency has long been viewed with a mixture of fear and admiration. Proponents argue it is the asset class … Continued

XRP (Ripple) Breaks Long-Term Trend, Signalling Strong Bullish Move

The cryptocurrency industry is currently in terrible shape. The value of cryptocurrencies is cascading, and there are no indications of a bullish reversal soon. Bitcoin’s price currently sits at $19,011.05, an over 71% drop from its all-time high of $67,566.83, according to CoinMarketCap. Historically, a slight change in Bitcoin’s price has always caused a significant … Continued

Is the Merge Ethereum’s undoing?

Ethereum’s Merge has seen miners desert as the SEC circles to claim regulatory control. With rate rises coming, is Ethereum destined to fall? Ethereum’s Merge, designed to change its foundation from a proof-of-work to proof-of-stake altcoin, was at last completed last week. Abandoning its energy intensive miner-based system has become somewhat of a crypto milestone, … Continued

Dogecoin Now Second-Largest Proof-Of-Work Coin After Ethereum Merge

The 15th of September, 2022, wasn’t just another day at the office for engineers and developers of the Ethereum blockchain. The Merge, a much-anticipated innovation, was successfully finalized, evidencing a swap from Ethereum’s pioneer consensus mechanism proof-of-work to an energy-efficient model proof-of-stake.  Although the process appeared to be seamless, it was not an easy feat … Continued

3 altcoins to consider as investors are distracted by the Merge

The Merge is the crypto event of 2022. But with investors focused on trading the event, several altcoins may be worth buying on the dip. Ethereum’s Merge was finally completed several hours ago, a carefully pre-planned move to a vastly more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake status. Crypto enthusiasts cannot have missed the news; every investor from … Continued

Why Saudi Arabia’s push into digital currency is key to mass adoption

Saudi Arabia officially banned crypto in 2018. But Central Bank and government moves suggest a shift is coming soon. Amidst the ongoing crypto-apocalypse, a little-reported piece of news could have the potential to further accelerate the mass adoption of crypto worldwide. It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is now a mainstream proposition across the west. The … Continued

Where next for Bitcoin as Powell promises ‘a sustained period of below-trend growth?’

A hawkish Fed remains nightmare fuel for the crypto king, while analyst sentiment appears to be with further corrections before the upswing. Last Friday, Federal Reserve Chair and the most powerful crypto influencer in the world, Jerome Powell, announced that the US central bank will continue increasing interest rates to prevent inflation from becoming permanently … Continued

Cardano Hard Fork’s, Vasil, is Closer Than You Think

Cardano, a peer-reviewed proof-of-stake blockchain with its token known as ADA, had undergone phases of bug fixing and controversy around its proposed update. Being the 8th in the cryptocurrency market capitalization, these flaws have inhibited transaction processes and the realization of a new fork. However, the parent company of ADA, Input Output Hong Kong (IOG), … Continued