Is the Bank of England divided over the future of crypto?

Two critical factors are currently interplaying for the future of cryptocurrency in the UK. First is London’s reputation as a global financial centre. Bankers and politicians stand united in their determination to maintain this status quo. Second is the general acceptance that despite the most recent crash, crypto, and more generally blockchain technology are here … Continued

3 Lessons Learned From the Crypto Sell-off

There is no question about it: the last couple of weeks have been rough for crypto investors. The leading coin, which is Bitcoin, struggles with $20,000. Ethereum, which follows up, battles $1000. The cryptocurrency market itself has dropped by 65% since Autumn. A steep sell-off in the cryptocurrency market caused a low not seen since … Continued

Why Investing in Bitcoin is Tricky

The technology behind bitcoin is promising. If it manages to fulfill its potential, it may forever change the world. Investing in bitcoin should be a simple proposition then. Buy as much as you can and wait until its price skyrockets. Those who truly believe in bitcoin’s promise don’t even plan to sell their bitcoin. If … Continued

Is the Bitcoin price heading south of $10,000?

Bitcoin’s price has collapsed from a record $69,044 in November to just above $20,000 today. Bitcoin’s price is under fire from multiple directions. The Winklevoss twins have labelled the current downturn a ‘crypto winter,’ driven by ‘macroeconomic and geopolitical turmoil.’ Of course, this isn’t the first major correction, and it won’t be the last. Bitcoin … Continued

Terraform lab employees are not allowed to leave South Korea

Workers at Terraform Lab who developed the Terra blockchain network are reportedly not allowed to leave South Korea, as prosecutors have banned them from travelling outside the country. This ban prevented workers within the company from going to escape being questioned by the prosecutors.      This ban was implemented after Terra’s stablecoin UST plummeted … Continued